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Criminal Law Services

Don’t let criminal charges ruin your life. Under the United States legal system you are innocent until proven guilty. A competent lawyer can mean the difference between a verdict of not guilty and significant financial hardship or time in jail. Courtney Roberts will go to work for you to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

Criminal Law Services


Even a first offense DUI puts you at risk for a jail sentence of up to twelve months and a fine of no less than $250 and no higher than $2500.

Mandatory jail sentences and higher fines are required by law in cases of elevated blood alcohol or repeat offenses. Current law requires those convicted of DUI to complete a VASAP alcohol education program before their driving privilege can be restored. Your lawyer can work with you to develop a defense, mitigate the offense, or seek allowances like a restricted license.


“Just a Ticket”?  Traffic offenses can carry serious consequences.

In addition to fines and jail time for very serious offenses, traffic offenses can carry painful collateral consequences such as added points to one’s driving history, high insurance premiums, and license suspensions. In Virginia, reckless driving over twenty miles per hour faster than the legal speed limit, driving over eighty miles per hour, or driving in some other dangerous manner is a crime punishable by up to twelve months in jail and/or a $2500 fine. Habitual offenders face even stiffer penalties unless they can show that their driving privileges have been restored.


A misdemeanor shoplifting offense, including concealing merchandise or changing price tags while still in the store, carries a sentence of up to twelve months in jail and/or a fine of up to $2500.

Remember, Virginia has a very low threshold amount to elevate a charge to a felony. Felony larceny of an amount over $500 is punishable by up to twenty years in prison. Any third or subsequent larceny, regardless of the value, is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.


Assault and Battery can include both actual unwanted contact, attempted contact, and threatened contact.

While assault and battery is a misdemeanor punishable by up to twelve months in jail and a fine of up to $2500, felony charges can be initiated depending on the victim involved, the intent of the batterer, and in cases of domestic violence, the batterer’s previous criminal history. Also, a person convicted of a crime of domestic violence loses his or her Second Amendment rights to possess firearms.


Don’t let a drug charge ruin your life.

Whether it’s a First Offense Marijuana Possession, punishable by up to thirty days in jail, or a Distribution Charge with multiple priors, which carries up to a life sentence, a person facing a drug charge needs intelligent counsel to review the facts surrounding the arrest and the testing done by the forensics lab. Collateral consequences can also include a loss of driving privileges and a significant infringement on one’s Fourth Amendment rights.


At a minimum, it is punishable by up to twenty years in prison.

Burglary, also known as breaking and entering, is addressed under multiple sections in the Code of Virginia. The sentence range varies depending on the intent of the criminal actor and whether or not that person had a weapon at the time of the offense. At a minimum, it is punishable by up to twenty years in prison. A person convicted of burglary with the intent of committing murder, rape, robbery or arson will face between five and twenty years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000. A person convicted of burglary with a deadly weapon can be sentenced to within twenty years to life. Regardless of the form, it is considered a crime of violence that will result in higher sentencing guidelines in case of any later criminal charges.

Robbery is much more serious than simple theft.

Robbery is a form of theft achieved by violence, threatened or actual serious bodily harm, or by use or display of a deadly weapon. It is punishable by no less than five years and up to life in prison.


Sex offenses carry serious penalties, including significant prison time, and often require even the released convict to list himself on a registry and restrict his own movements for years afterwards.

Very serious offenses can trigger an evaluation as a Sexually Violent Predator, potentially requiring commitment to an institution following one’s release from prison.


A murder conviction can result in life imprisonment.

These cases require careful analysis of a multitude of elements and an ability to examine and discuss important technical arguments advanced by experts. Counsel should be retained early and can be involved once an investigation is underway even before indictments have been issued.

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